Sunday, May 17, 2009

I thought I ll be typing away as soon as I created my blog.. But then I realized its not as easy to express what you feel as it is to feel them. I just wanted to share what I felt with people and maybe find like minded persons who think on the same line as I do. To be quite frank I don't have detailed plans of what I am going to share on this blog. Just the things that cross my mind on a daily basis and make me go "Is it only me or are there other people who think in such a weird way?"

A little about me..I am a girl who likes to think or should i say feel a lot. I really hate decisions because they always make me feel so confused. It is one thing to "do the right thing" and quite another to live with it. What would you do when you know taking a particular decision is the correct course of action but you also know it ll tear you apart when you think of living with the decision? Not many are sympathetic with this kind of confusion. They tend to think it means that you are weak. I don't feel so though. It depends.. sometimes when you give up on someone or something maybe you were so very close to getting that someone or something.. Yes, there will be times when we are so frustrated and alone and we think all our efforts for so long does not matter and it pains us to see what we want so close and yet so far.. But the question is always how much you are willing to endure for something that you love isn't it? As far as people are concerned I believe very strongly in second third.... well lots of chances until something inside tells me that I can no longer allow what I feel to go unnoticed disregarded and just plain neglected..
Another thing that I love the most is to listen to people. I do like to pride myself on knowing what someone would feel in a certain situation and why people act the way they do. It is not always easy to adjust to people even if you do understand why they say and do certain things. I am not really sure if this is a good or a bad quality because I never seem to be able to get angry at people. Putting myself in their shoes most of the times I can't see any wrong in their actions except that maybe they could have been a little more considerate of others and less selfish in their actions..
Basically this is who I am.. As for my other interests a major one is books. Somehow I have found that reading a good book seems to take you out of reality for a while and it gives you power to reach into those deep and dark places of your heart that you never even knew existed. Rain that is another thing that I love. There is something about the gathering clouds,the smell of the wet earth and the soft falling of the raindrops that has fascinated me ever since I was a little girl. If someone were to ask me to describe my perfect moment it would probably be this.."To sit in a plush chair with a steaming cup of chocolate in my hand and a wonderful book whose pages still smell of fresh print and to sit by the window watching the rain outside"..
Well that went longer than expected..Anyway I guess thats it for my first post and until next time(which I hope will be pretty soon)

Keep smiling for you never know who is falling in love with your smile...


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