Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why is it that sometimes 24 hours seem too less for me to do everything that I have to do? Ya, I have heard about time management but I really cant figure out what it is simply because all the things that I have to do seem equally important or is it that I am simply too confused to sort out my priorities?

I was secretly hoping that the companies would not come for campus recruitment so soon.. Well partly because it would give me more time to prepare and mostly because it would be one thing I would not have had to worry about until late in the year. Until now, only one company has come.. Amazon. I think I was too frivolous about it. The written test was quite easy, nothing I could not have cracked had I been strong in my basics which I was obviously not. It didn't bother me much at that time, I even joked about forgetting things so simple but it was only when I came home that fear struck me... I imagined the situation I would be in if I took all tests this lightly.I think I have only myself to blame if that situation comes. Being stuck without a job scares me even though taking up a job is my last priority. I seriously have to pay more attention.

I am also writing my GRE exam this August. I have hardly a month to go and I think I am beginning to freak out slightly. Verbal , I could manage perhaps but Quants scares me always. I am better now with all the tests I have been doing but I dont know how the actual exam will be. Sometimes I think I am getting overconfident about verbal which scares me because I know I will be very disappointed if I dont do well in verbal not to mention a whole lot of other people who think I can ace verbal. This is something I want with all my heart and I would regret it all my life if I missed this opportunity.

I am writing CAT too and for now the preparations for it have been put in cold storage. The whole focus for the next few weeks is GRE but then I cant really ignore CAT too. I know people prepare for two years sometimes even longer before they attempt it and I know of people who have been writing it again and again in hope of getting that coveted IIM-A call. I am not sure if I will be that persistent at CAT and I want to do well in my first attempt. But atleast I can worry about it a little later.

Sometimes I wonder if I want everything and all at once but then I don't want to lose out on anything because I didn't even give it a try.

Last but not the least my internal assessments coming up next week. I wonder if I should really take it seriously this time.I know GRE is more important now but I wont be able to resist doing two things at once. And if I prepare for assessments its going to eat up lot of my GRE prep time and the end of assessments is going to leave me just a week from GRE exam date and assessment weeks always seem to move very very fast :( Even speaking about this makes me want to run away somewhere..

Really really hoping for the best...

Until next time,
"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination." -Tommy Lasorda

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  1. HariHara Subrahmanyan said...
    Well there is nothing that u cant do when u stay confident :) . That only imp. Believe in u. Success will come to u mainly coz ther r not many ppl who put the amount of hard work u put. So stay confident da :) U can do well harin :) :) :)

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