Saturday, September 5, 2009

Must see movie

I wanted my next post to be about something that touched me or affected me in a profound way. There is this movie that I watched long back called "The Deep End of the Ocean". I still remember sitting at my home and flipping channels looking for something interesting to watch and I came upon this movie which seemed to interest me.

I didn't get to watch the movie from the beginning when I first saw it but the I vividly recall the scene from which I started watching. It was the scene in which the police go to the home of George to inform him that his son Sam whom he lovingly raised all these years is really Ben Cappadora, who was kidnapped by his wife during her high school reunion.

Before I go into too much details about each scene, I'll just tell about the movie briefly. The Cappadoras are a close knit family. Pat Cappadora is the father and he owns a restaurant. Beth is a housewife and also a successful photographer. They have a son, Vincent who is as rebellious as they come in their teenage years and their younger daughter Kerry. Their younger son Ben went missing years ago when Beth attended her high school reunion and though they seem to have gotten over it, it has left a deep scar in Beth especially who held herself responsible for losing her son. One fine day, a young boy Sam turns up on their doorstep asking to mow their lawn and he bears an uncanny resemblance to her long lost son, Ben. Beth takes photographs and shows them to her husband and Detective Bliss who initiates an investigation and finds out that Sam is indeed her son Ben.

Ben is returned to the Cappadoras and the story is about how the family copes with up with Ben's return and how Ben is torn between his loving father who is devastated as it is and his biological parents whom he hasn't known at all until now.

The great thing about the movie is that it is not a sentimental tearjerker. It is so poignant in the way it portrays the feelings of each person. Beth, who feels relief at finding her son anguish when he is troubled and not able to fit into the family, Pat who can't comprehend the fact that Ben misses the only father he has known for all his life, Vincent who loves his brother just as much as anyone can but holds himself responsible for letting go of his brother's hand years ago and feels angry and deprived of his mom's love while she grieved over Ben's loss and Kerry who is blissfully ignorant of all the deep feelings running inside and welcomes Ben home without much fuss.

There were few scenes that touched me in particular. When Ben goes to visit Vincent in prison and tells him the only thing that he remembers from his brief childhood with the Cappadoras-getting locked up in a trunk during a game of hide and seek. Vincent asks him if he was scared and Ben says "No, I knew you will come find me".

Soon, Beth realises that things aren't working out and she decides that maybe Ben is better off with George after all and leaves him with his father much to the disappointment of Pat. Later that night, Vincent wakes up to find Ben in the courtyard shooting some hoops. He has his luggage with him and as Vincent talks with him,Beth and Pat watch them from the hall and the viewer realises that Ben has come home to stay after all.

I didn't know until recently that this movie was made from a book "The Deep End of the Ocean" by Jacquelyn Mitchard. Most movies made from books turn out to be a disappointment but if the movie is this good I am looking forward to reading the book soon. In short, if the words poignant and touching resonate with you, then this movie is a must see.

Until next time,
A film is - or should be - more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings. The theme, what's behind the emotion, the meaning, all that comes later- Stanley Kubrick

P.S. This movie indeed exemplifies this quote!!

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  1. HariHara Subrahmanyan said...
    Ya seems quite a nice movie. And If u had seen the movie called "Naan kadavul" the sequence of scenes where arya returns home after 20 yrs and couldn fit into his home and his parents by birth are adaptation from this movie i guess :)

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