Friday, October 2, 2009

As far as outings go, today is one of the days I will surely cherish for a long time to come. It was ( as of when I am writing this, it still is ) Rev's bday. It bears the dubious distinction of the birthday baby knowing everything from the gift we planned to get to the place we planned to go. in fact, she was the person who suggested the place :P

We started out at nearly ten. Took a bus to Dakshin Chitra on the ECR road. The travel would have been fun if we had not been standing for the whole time. The journey became even more irritating because of one person on the bus. Seriously I never understand why people want to broadcast their whole life while speaking on mobile. In half an hour, I think I knew almost all her family's problems. Literally felt like snatching the cell phone and throwing it out of the window. At such times I can't decide if cell phones are a convenience or a nuisance.

Our time in Dakshin Chitra can be divided into two unequal parts.. Shopping and sight seeing. Shopping being the greater part :P I was under the impression that we ll just shop around for a while and move on but the shops were really irresistable. No matter how hard we tried, the shops seemed to exert an inexplicable pull on us and not to mention our purses which shed a lot of weight :)

We bought a lot of things.. Walked around and around the same shop.. The best part was not the buying in itself but the bargaining. It was so much fun naming a price nowhere near what the shopkeeper originally quoted and watch him getting down to that price. Finally we decided we weren't going to see any of the houses there if we stayed there and somehow dragged ourselves away from the shops. It is really a must see place for someone who loves culture and history.

There were a lot of fun activities there too- basket weaving, mehendi , pottery, prediction and so many more... Basket weaving was fun. I didn't do it personally but two of my friends, Swarna and Krithika did and it was fun watching them do it. I really regretted forgetting my camera :( The patti who was supposed to teach us how to weave sure talked a lot :) we didn't get to do too many of those activities. This time our stomach exerted an explicable pull on us. All that activity and we were famished. Had a great lunch or perhaps it tasted great just because we were so hungry.

With our stomach full now, we found enough strength for few more rounds of bargaining. And we bought a whole lot more. Nothing highlights our purchase better than the words of the shopkeeper who said he was going to pack up his shop and go home because he had enough sales for one day !!

And that was it for the day. Tired and exhausted, we trudged back. Undoubtedly one of the best days ever :)

P.S. I had an AIMCAT today. Not much to tell about that though. :P

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  1. HariHara Subrahmanyan said...
    hey that really sounds nicee :) Ya its fun to dig deep to know our culture thoroughly. Many surprises it has 4 us. Niceee that u had a great time over ther :)
    SiMbA tAgO said...
    wowiee.. such a sweet post from u harini ... my first time here . and the best abt this blog is theme and ur write ,... how awesome ....

    really superb re ....

    have been to dakshin chitra.. its a real marvel of art and culture and those things and stuffs sold der are jus too good ..

    "inexplicable pull on us and not to mention our purses which shed a lot of weight :)"

    great line ...

    have a good day and a great time to come ahead ...

    welcome to my blog too ... thanks for the follow
    Harini said...
    Thanks Simba :)

    You sure pay a lot of compliments in one comment.. and thanks for the return follow too..

    Have a great day too :)
    revathy said...
    nice post de :) :) :) love it..

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