Thursday, June 17, 2010

I remember reading somewhere that the most read blogs are most frequently updated. That doesnt mean you have to post every crap thing that comes to your mind and I am a firm believer of the saying "Its better to remain silent if you have nothing good to say"

During the time I have been neglecting my blog ( yes, I admit it ) , lots of things have been going on with my life. End of my undergraduate life, the good byes and the anticipation of going to graduate school are the not so insignificant ones among them.

Blogging seemed to be a fad when I started this blog. All my friends were starting their blogs left and right and I must admit, for me it was more of a fad thing rather than really wanting to do it. Having no idea what I wanted to write about definitely played a big part in the blog losing its way. Sometimes, it served as a place for me to express myself and sometimes, the posts have slipped into a rant which is definitely not something I want the blog to be.

Writing has always been close to my heart. When all kids at schools hated long essays, I was one among those who loved writing and reading just for the sake of having an opportunity to share a story and my views about someone or something. And that I believe, is the direction my blog must go in- to share stories some true, some fictional, some heart warming but I hope each of them resonate in some way with the reader.

Also, I have made a little effort to make this blog a little anonymous and I intend to keep it that way. My close friends would probably recognize the blog but being anonymous, I believe, offers a lot more room for me to share my experiences.

A lot more stories on the way..

Until next time,


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